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1. What type of construction projects does your company build?

Berry Construction offers an array of services as a general contractor and construction company. No project is too small or too big for us. Our firms believes in teamwork to achieving the clients. Our partnership with other contractors or firms is what allow us to possess the right to fulfill your objectives. We are prepared and welcome any new challenges.


2. What is the first step in the process if I am interested in renovating my home?

When ready to begin your renovation, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible to schedule a site visit and go over your initial design ideas. This is the first step which creates the scope of work for your project. The sooner we get involved the better as we can control the variables that can affect cost and timelines for your project. We want to provide the best assessment for your budget and needs.


3. Are we a residential or commercial contractor?

We are primarily a residential construction company that services client all throughout the state of Georgia. In addition, we also provided limited commercial and renovation work. If we cannot take on your project, we will be more than happy to recommend you a reliable construction company who can.


4. What size projects can we manage?

We can handle any size construction or remodeling project. Whether you need a simple door hung, plumbing issues addressed, remodeling a room, building a new home from the ground up or commercial renovations, we will provide the same craftsmanship for any project we complete.  


5. Do we build commercial buildings?

Yes. We have a team that comes together and are highly qualified to perform the work as outlined by the architectural plans. We sit down with you and go over step-by-step the procedures for accomplishing the buildout. We can develop budgets, plans, schedules, etc. We take your project from an idea to a turn-key finished project.


6. Does our company have in-house Architects & Engineers?

Yes. They are not employees of our company however through the partnership they work with us and the client to offer the requested services.


7. Is there a fee for the Architects or Engineers?

Yes. While there is a partnership the services are not included in the construction cost. Engineer fees are $250 per inspection plus $250 per letter. Architectural plans are $2.50 per square feet for residential only – commercial plans vary by size of project.


8. I want to remodel my own home but may need some professional help. What should I do?

Handling your own project can present challenges as well as time consuming. We can offer consulting services however there is a fee for this service. Price varies depending on scope of work.


9. I am not sure about designs or new layout for my home, what should I do?

We first recommend you looking at the internet to get some type of idea of what you are wanting for your project. Second, we recommend you schedule a time to sit down with our design team to go over the ideas you want. There is a fee for this service and varies depending on the job and design.


10. Is there a fee to look at a job or do a site visit to a home or business?

No. It is customary for contractors to fully understand the scope of work therefore a walk-through is essential. In most cases, we are not able to provide a cost without having viewed the property first.


11. Will a permit be required for the scope of work?

In most cases a permit is required for construction work. This fee is separate from the construction cost and depending on work needed, can vary in price from $500 to $7500. If you are unsure, you can check with your local government agency or we will advise you at the time of the site visit.


12. Can I make changes after the scope of work has been approved by you?

Yes. This is called a Change Order and a fee would apply as it was not disclosed in the original contract.


13. Do we work in other states?

Yes. For some projects we offer services in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida & South Carolina.


14. What forms of payments do you accept for services?

We only accept Bank wires, credit cards, Zelle, Apple Pay, or Cash App. We do not accept checks or money orders.